EVOC- Emergency Vehicle Operations Course


The 16-Hour Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) is a comprehensive training program designed to equip emergency response drivers with the skills needed to safely and efficiently operate vehicles in high-stress, fast-paced situations. Led by seasoned instructors who have real-world experience in emergency driving, this course covers a wide range of critical topics including defensive driving techniques, proper vehicle positioning, navigation through heavy traffic, and understanding the responsibilities and liabilities involved in emergency driving. Through a blend of classroom instruction, simulated scenarios, and behind-the-wheel exercises, students will gain a holistic understanding of the challenges and best practices associated with operating an emergency vehicle. Whether you are an EMT, paramedic, firefighter, or police officer, our EVOC course offers invaluable training that meets industry standards, ensuring that you are fully prepared to respond to any emergency swiftly and safely. Get certified today and make a difference on the road and in your community.